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The classes for preparing to delivery. A basic course contains of 16 lessons. The lessons pass 2 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday or Thursday, Saturday or Tuesday, Saturday).

You can choose the attending time by yourself. A pregnant woman can attend our lessons from the beginning of pregnancy or she can join us any time she wants. Our psychologists, mid-wives, diet specialists will be glad to answer to your questions and to help you anytime!

 Sports exercises. Pilates, fitness and other sports exercises can be used from the 16th week of pregnancy. The right chosen exercises make the period of pregnancy easier,help to take care of posture and relax the pervious system. Our programme helps to prepare the organism to delivery, to get fit to muscles, makes stretcher pelvis’s joint and all pelvis’s muscles. And sports exercises during pregnancy are not only for easy labour but they are also good to get a before pregnancy figure and body form.


Breathing exercises. Pregnant women are thought to an elementary breathing exercises, relaxing as well as yoga. And it is very important for a mother and her baby. The right breathing helps to relax the muscles and also unblocks the negative emotion.

This sport is accompany with music and big colored balls and it increasethe happiness of pregnant women. The positive emotions that get from these exercises make a pregnant woman happily. And that is all very important for her baby and her.

 Meditation, art therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy.Using psychologist knowledge and different kind of art, we help you to get a harmony with your inside world, hear and understand your body language. Meditation makes an anxiety and increase self-confidence, parent’s competence, helps to get pleasure from one’s unique condition. Meditation lessons will teach you to reach unanimity with your inside world and outside world. These lessons help you to birth a healthy baby. The healthy baby births with ability to music, art, colours, and smells.

Communication with a baby in a womb.Mother has unique role in baby’s upbringing because she is only person who can communicate with the child  before his/her birth. There is an ancient parable: one woman came to Chinese wise man and asked him what age she can begin child’s upbringing. He told her: “You are late”. Other woman came with a baby and asked the same question. The wise man told her: “You are late, too”. ”But what time should one begin baby’s upbringing? “The wise man answered:” From its conception”. Actually the baby must feel itself beloved, welcome, long-awaited before its birth.



A baby care. At last you hold tiny person. What do you need for his/her  development in order for the child to grow as a helathy individual? You will find the answer to this and other questions in our club.

Feeding. Mother’s milk is irreplaceable diet for a baby. During our lessons you will be thought how to feed correctly and how to extend the breast-feeding period. We all know what the mother’s milk means for the baby. It increases baby’s immunity; the child becomes rarely ill and it prevents cancer, too.

Our specialities teach pregnant woman to a methods of breast-feeding. An instructor of breast-feeding will help you at your home if you need it.





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